What is a Houston Energy & Climate Week Event?
An event refers to any registered activity or gathering that is organized and included as an official part of our official events program. These events aim to raise awareness about energy climate issues, foster collaboration among stakeholders, showcase innovative solutions, and encourage action to mitigate climate change. Approved events are listed on our official Houston Energy & Climate Week website and app, receive a license to use all Houston Energy & Climate Week logos, and are promoted on Allies in Energy and select partner digital and social media channels.
What are the benefits to becoming an official Houston Energy & Climate Week Event?
By registering as an official event, your event gains exposure to a local, regional, and global audience interested in the energy transition and climate action, ultimately increasing its reach and impact. You’ll also get potential opportunities for collaboration, as well as the support of our team who provide guidance on how to maximize your participation throughout the week.
How can I attend or watch events?
Allies in Energy will produce an opening and closing event. Details regarding these events will be made public on the events page as soon as they are available.Details regarding streamed events will be announced on our website closer to September 2024. For all other registered events under our official program, we encourage you to return to our site on an ongoing basis where you can view the individual contact details and information of each event.
Can I host an event? How does this work?
Houston Energy & Climate Week events can take various forms, such as panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, performances, seminars, concerts, or community initiatives. Organizations can apply to host their event in-person at any chosen location in Houston, as well as via hybrid mode or online. To be included in our program, events should align to our themes, including Energy, Innovation, Industry, Food, Environmental Justice, Health, Finance, Workforce, Community Engagement, or Policy. All events will be reviewed prior to approval and must abide by our Terms and Conditions. This includes ensuring that all events align with the mission of the week.
Who can register an official Houston Energy & Climate Week Event?
Governments, businesses, academic institutions, community groups, arts and music organizations, nonprofits and individuals are all invited to host events. The more events we can convene, the greater reach and impact Houston Energy & Climate week will have. The registration form to host an event can be found here.
Do events, sponsors, partners or volunteers need to be Houston based to participate?
All are welcome. We invite you to our city to learn more about what we're doing to address the energy transition and climate change. We want as many events and people as we can to participate in this historic week.
How, when and where will my Houston Energy & Climate Week event be hosted?
Houston Energy & Climate Week is officially taking place between September 9 - 13, if your event falls within a week of these dates, you may still register your event to be listed. Also, we do on occasion include events taking place close to Houston or have a strong affiliation to the week.
Is there a deadline to submit events?
Yes, all events must be submitted by August 14, 2024. We advise you to submit your event as soon as possible. The earlier we receive an event, the more time we have to promote it to our audiences.
Can I register my event if I have not confirmed all the logistics for it?
Yes, you may submit your event even if you are still confirming venue space, speakers, registration details, etc. While you can modify an event after submission, we kindly ask that you keep these edits to a minimum. Should you need to make any changes to your event listing, please contact us.
What type of support can Allies in Energy offer me in planning and promoting my event?
Allies in Enery's role is in the service of the online platform for events to increase their visibility. We typically do not offer support in terms of coordinating logistics, venue space, invites, etc. We will promote the events program through external channels, including our social media accounts and engagement programs. All promotional opportunities are strictly editorial decisions.
How can I help with this historic event?
Houston Energy & Climate Week has sponsor, partner, and volunteer opportunities. We hope you will join us!