We do hard things and Houston Energy and Climate Week is an inclusive vehicle for unity.

Energy is the currency of life. 

Energy demand is skyrocketing in America and abroad. However, the impact of this prosperity presents a challenge to ensure that energy is reliable, affordable, accessible, and sustainable.  Climate change is real, and the science is settled.  Most Americans recognize it, and nearly two-thirds say it impacts their communities.

At the core of the Unity Commitment is the need to bring human and financial capital to rapidly address these challenges and transform how the world produces and consumes energy. Houston is the energy capital of the world.  The Gulf South region brings a unique and diverse ecosystem and infrastructure to drive this transformation. 

We cannot do this alone. Human ingenuity is in our DNA, and we appreciate it’s a “both-and” not “or” approach to address these challenges.  

We know: 

  • Environment - The world must be livable and healthy for humanity and life on this planet, in the short and long term. Industry must accelerate investment and market viable technologies to lower emissions while simultaneously educating consumers about the role they can play too.
  • Equity - People of all backgrounds and life experiences must have an opportunity to benefit from the energy transition and to have their voices heard. Diversity delivers greater innovation, profitability, and outcomes and will assure a just transition.
  • Economy - An expanded energy economy and just transition must build prosperity, create jobs, and offer skill development to our communities. We must increase investments and pace to build critical infrastructure and a robust workforce and talent pipeline for future generations. 

We believe:

The changing climate does not spare anyone based on their ideology.

Activism is about education, unity, and urgency, not division.  We need to fight the changing climate, not each other.  We respect democracy, civil dialogue, diverse ideas, productivity, and pragmatism. 

The energy transition needs to include the oil and gas community.

Advancements in energy would not be possible without the participation and contributions of the oil and gas and heavy industry communities. We recognize and appreciate the human capital and technologies the oil and gas community brings to develop solutions.

The energy transition is a marathon and team sport that needs unified action.  

Achieving Energy 2.0+ is a marathon.  However, this race needs an increased pace. We will get there through urgency, teamwork, consistency, continued investment, and collaboration.  We also commit ourselves to assessing our collective advancements and setbacks in achieving these goals.