What is Houston Energy & Climate Week?

Houston Energy & Climate Week is a diverse and inclusive platform for change where everyone can be a part of the energy transition.  It ignites a transformative journey, sparking dynamic conversations and deepening understanding to empower individuals, businesses, investors, startups, and academic allies to take bold, informed steps towards a sustainable future. This exhilarating week is packed with captivating events that bring together educators, leading experts, and the community at large. This vibrant collaboration aims to deepen our understanding of the climate and the energy systems influencing it, setting the stage for groundbreaking innovations and sustainable practices. Join us as we reshape our world, one electrifying discussion at a time.

How does it work?

The ethos of Houston Energy & Climate Week mirrors the collaborative leadership seen in cities such as London, San Francisco and New York. Events are self-organized and registered on our calendar, fostering collective ownership and active participation. 

The gathering values diverse perspectives, recognizing their importance in creating effective solutions. We are committed to diversity and inclusion, a path that ensures all voices contribute to our shared goal of a just transition to a net-zero future.  Houston Energy & Climate Week recognizes the contributions all energy sources bring to the transition and encourages healthy discussions about how we transition.  

Allies in Energy will be organizing Opening Ceremonies, a rocking reception, and Closing Ceremonies.  

There is something for everyone: energy companies, start-ups, ecosystem partners, investors, media, educational institutions, associations, government entities, and the public at large.  We encourage all areas of sustainability to get engaged around the discussions!